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Mission Statement

Scecina Memorial High School, established by the Archbishop of Indianapolis, is a co-educational Catholic college and life preparatory school that motivates our diverse and gifted community of students to attain educational excellence, be lifelong learners, and live as servant leaders in the inspiring footsteps of Father Thomas Scecina.


Welcoming all who desire our Catholic education, we are the school of choice for students and families seeking unique moments to learn, grow, and go forth to transform the world inspired by the light of Christ.

Our Core Values

Inspired by our Lord Jesus Christ and his servants Father Thomas Scecina and the Sisters of Saint Francis, we embrace:

  • Vocation: Honoring and living according to the unique gifts that God has given us in keeping with the teachings and values of the Catholic faith
  • Servant Leadership: Following Jesus’ example of meeting people’s needs and helping them fulfill their highest destinies
  • Stewardship: Receiving, cultivating, and sharing God's gifts gratefully and generously
  • Excellence: Living the Gospel and attaining the best possible results in all that we do.

Our Namesake

Our namesake is Father Thomas Scecina, an inspiring servant leader and priest of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Father Tom faithfully served God and country as a military chaplain during World War II before perishing at sea with other Prisoners of War in 1944. Our mission is to develop life-long servant leaders who emulate Father Tom by giving their all and then striving to “Give That Little Extra” (one of his favorite sayings).

Scecina Memorial High School is, foremost, an educational ministry of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. We are committed to supporting and advancing the ministry priorities of the Archbishop of Indianapolis and the universal Church.

Prior to Archbishop Paul Schulte opening Scecina Memorial High School in 1953, he invited the Sisters of Saint Francis, Oldenburg, to serve here. The Sisters then began generously sharing their faith, wisdom, and knowledge with our community for decades. Many Sisters served as teachers, club leaders, counselors, and administrators from the 1950’s through the 2000’s. The school continues to embrace the traditions and values that the Sisters and their lay colleagues set forth. Today, we promote our students’ holistic education by embracing the Franciscan values of: Dignity of the Individual, Peace and Justice, Reconciliation, and Responsible Stewardship.

Scecina Memorial High School is blessed to receive the inspiring legacy of Father Thomas Scecina; the faithful witness of the Sisters of Saint Francis, Oldenburg;a gifted, caring, and diverse community of students, educators, alumni, and friends; and a vibrant partnership with the East Deanery parishes and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

Our Founding

In 1952, there was sufficient need and desire for a Catholic co-educational high school on the Eastside of Indianapolis. A plot of land at 5000 Nowland Avenue was purchased in conjunction with a successful $1 million fund drive, and on August 21, 1952, ground was broken, with the cornerstone being laid on December 21, 1952. On September 21, 1953, classes began for 128 freshman girls and 127 freshman boys under Father Harry Hoover, who, as founding principal, had overseen the construction of the school.

The dedication of the school to Father Thomas Scecina, the only archdiocesan priest to give his life for his country in World War II, took place on October 18, 1953. The first class of 219 students graduated in June 1957 and, within a decade, Scecina Memorial High School grew to a school of 1,400 students.

In August 2013, the school opened its doors for its 60th anniversary year. Scecina Memorial is the first archdiocesan high school in Indianapolis to reach this historic milestone. Throughout its first 60 years, the school has continued its tradition to “give that little extra.” With great gratitude and reverence for its past, we look forward to another 60 years of motivating our diverse and gifted community of students to attain educational excellence, be lifelong learners, and live as servant leaders in the inspiring footsteps of Father Thomas Scecina.