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Sounds of Scecina from Sam Rhinesmith's New Horizons Band

Dear Scecina Community, 

Ah, the month of May! May Crowning, Commencement, Graduation Open House invitations, Indy 500, warmer weather, and more. 

A week ago on Sunday afternoon, the New Horizons Band of Indianapolis provided a wonderful concert performance in the Scecina gym. The concert was titled “A Salute to Scecina.” It was awesome! This band numbering more than 50 musicians includes Scecina alumni Jerry Jenn '59 and Mary Ann Olvey '60. The band played numerous well-known hits from musicals such as "Tales of the Sea and Sail," "My Fair Lady," and "The Sound of Music." 

The band’s announcer and one of the tuba players is Don Hein, who many of us recognize from his days broadcasting games of the ABA Indiana Pacers on television. As Mary Ann (Fillenwarth) Rhinesmith '60 said after the concert, “Today, everyone feels young again!” 

The founder of the New Horizons Band of Indianapolis is Sam Rhinesmith. Sam joined the Scecina faculty in 1955 and was Scecina’s first music director. He is a legacy figure in Scecina history. In 1957, Sam marched The Crusaders in the first Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade. 

When he was Scecina music director more than a half-century ago, Sam Rhinesmith composed the Scecina Fight Song, a fight song unlike any other. This fight song is ours; it’s not a well-known college fight song that we borrowed. He also composed the music and lyrics for Scecina Alma Mater and School Song. The band played all three. 

Those performances are on Scecina's YouTube channel. Just click on the links below.

Scecina Alma Mater performed by New Horizons

Scecina School Song
Scecina Fight Song

To see Sam direct the band in its rendition of the Scecina Fight Song was a thrill. As he turned to the audience to invite everyone to stand and clap to the beat of the song, it was a pleasure and a privilege to experience Scecina alumni and non-alumni alike join in unison to “fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for Scecina Memorial High!” 

To all our alumni and friends who fight the good fight of ensuring the presence and vitality of Scecina, I say thank you! 

Joe Therber