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Spirit Days for Homecoming Week - Sept. 7-10

Students may wear jeans, sweats, or basketball shorts in conjunction with spirit day attire; no holes, tears, or rips in any clothing worn.
Those who choose not to participate MUST wear the school uniform

Monday - Labor Day

Tuesday - America Day

  • e.g., patriotic, red, white and blue, American icons (Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, etc.)
  • Appropriate dress for girls (no tank tops, short skirts or short/shorts)
  • Appropriate dress for boys (no cut-offs)

Wednesday - Toga Day

  • Must be wearing short-sleeved t-shirt and shorts underneath
  • Sandals must have a strap around the heel

Thursday - Tacky Day

  • Tacky not trashy - put together the most uncoordinated outfit you can find

Friday - Red & Gold Day

  • Scecina attire