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School Scholarship Tax Credit Program

Interested in donating to:

  • Provide a scholarship for a child to attend Scecina?
  • Receive a 50% state tax credit on your donation?
  • Receive a Federal income tax deduction?

Click here for more information and the donation form.

Questions? Please contact Jim McGuinness in the Advancement Office at 317.352.3227 or


Since 2009, many more Indiana households have been able to enroll their child(ren) in a private school for grades K-12. In 2009, Indiana passed legislation to create the School Scholarship Tax Credit Program.*

Administered by state-approved Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGO), scholarships are awarded to students from income-eligible households enrolled in tuition-based schools that choose to participate.

The funds for these awards are raised through gifts from individuals and businesses who, in return, receive Indiana state income tax credits and the federal income tax deduction.

Donor Eligibility
Individuals or businesses in Indiana with Indiana state income tax liabilities are eligible to receive an Indiana state income tax credit equal to 50 percent of their gift amount to a SGO. Because a SGO is a 501(c)3 organization, these gifts are eligible for a federal income tax deduction as well. Donations are restricted to support scholarship awards to income-eligible students at Scecina.

Student Eligibility
In order to receive a tax credit scholarship, a student with a financial need must be enrolled at Scecina and have successfully completed the school’s financial aid application process.

*This is not the Indiana Choice Scholarship program, also known as the “voucher” program.

Don't Delay
The clock is always ticking on the SSTC: Each year, the state limit on the amount of available tax credits for fiscal year is reached earlier. Last year, the $9.5 million available for 2016-17 ran out on Dec. 19, 2016, and the fiscal year ends June 30 each year.

The tax credits will be available again starting July 1, 2017. There are no guarantees the credits will be available until June 30, 2018. Because of the tremendous tax deduction advantage, many more individuals are taking advantage of this opportunity much earlier in the year (July through December).