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Summer 2016

Dear Scecina Community,

The 2015-16 year saw numerous advancements at Scecina Memorial High School that benefit our students of today and the long-term future of the school. The following improvements are the result of implementing the nine sections of our Strategic Growth Plan. They are funded through the generosity of alumni, friends, parents, businesses, Catholic parishioners in the Indianapolis area, and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.


Joe Therber

  • Summer 2016 Update

    • Decided to implement pilot Community Service Capstone Projects for senior students during the 2016-17 school year.
    • Exceeded the national Catholic high school scores by seven to 10 points in each of the four areas covered on the National Catholic Education Association Information for Growth: Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education.
  • Fall 2015 Update

    • Established full-time Director of Campus Ministry position
    • Re-visioned Christian Service program after external, independent program review
    • Installed Father Thomas Scecina sculpture and display in rotunda of main hall
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  • Summer 2016 Update

    • Saw the Class of 2016 receive a record-setting amount of more than $10 million in college and university scholarship offers.
    • Expanded Biomedical Sciences curriculum into the fourth and capstone year during the 2016 -17 school year.
    • Implemented academic dual-credit university partnerships with Indiana University and Vincennes University.
    • Again earned the State of Indiana “A” rating for academic performance and progress.
  • Fall 2015 Update

    • 98 percent graduation rate for Class of 2015 
    • Established combined College and Career Counselor position 
    • Expanded Biomedical Sciences curriculum into year three 
    • Expanded partnership with Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago) 
    • Exploring Business Advisory Council 
    • Expanded music and arts offerings 
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  • Summer 2016 Update

    Progressed to 95 percent of the current target enrollment of 475 students with a 2015-16 opening day enrollment of 453 students.

  • Fall 2015 Update

    • From 319 to 454 students since 2010 (42 percent growth)
    • Increased racial, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity of student body
    • 84 sending schools represented in student body
    • Target enrollment of 475 students (within five years)
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  • Summer 2016 Update

    • Hired a Technology Integration Specialist to impact technology professional development for teachers.
    • Invested in a college preparatory Learning Management System for on-line submission, viewing, and grading of student academic work.
    • Ensured that every classroom has a wireless technology environment with flat-screen television monitors for internet access and videoconference abilities.
  • Fall 2015 Update

    • New wireless environment and infrastructure
    • New library technology
    • New computing devices for all staff
    • Classroom digital displays
    • Online curriculum, lesson plan, and gradebook portals for students, parents, and teachers
    • Exploring online textbooks
    • Weekly professional development to leverage technology in the classroom
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  • Summer 2016 Update

    Completed the following Facility Master Plan projects:

    • Designed, funded, and began construction of a modern college-preparatory, technology-rich library as a learning and meeting center for students and community groups, which will open in September 2016.
    • Installed a new sound system in the gymnasium to enhance the quality of major school events.
    • Completed a full-scale cafeteria renovation.
  • Fall 2015 Update

    • Design of library of the future underway
    • $4,000,000 + in renovation and new construction investments in past 10 years: eight classrooms; Science Lab; Guidance Center; Music Room; Scecina Story: Tributes to Father Scecina and Sisters of Saint Francis; Cafeteria; Gym and locker rooms; Office of Enrollment Management; Technology Infrastructure; School Building Infrastructure; Site Master Plan approval by Scecina Board of Directors and Archdiocese of Indianapolis
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  • Summer 2016 Update

    Presented Father Tom Challenge Coins at Commencement to each member of the Class of 2016 to commemorate and motivate graduates to imitate Father Tom’s spirit of service and sacrifice.

  • Fall 2015 Update

    • Established Master Teacher position to lead faculty professional development
    • Began English as a New Language program
    • Established Parent Ambassador Team (Parents Organization) with four focus areas
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  • Summer 2016 Update

    Developed agreement with Community Hospital East and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis for Scecina and Community Hospital to develop a student career shadowing initiative.

  • Fall 2015 Update

    • Museum of Science and Industry
    • Community Hospital East
    • Project Lead the Way
    • Marian University
    • St. Vincent Health
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  • Summer 2016 Update

    • Completed a Capital Campaign Exploration, Discovery, and Financial Feasibility Study involving nearly 300 stakeholders and presented a consultant’s written report with recommendations to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. 
    • Held 15 Alumni Information Gathering sessions through which 93 alumni donated 1,740 hours of volunteer time to share alumni success stories from all eras of Scecina’s history.
  • December 2014 Update

    Retain 90 percent of annual appeal donors, and attract 100 or more new or lapsed donors annually.

    • Increased annual financial support every year to fund current and future improvements.
    • Created a Donor and Alumni Relations Coordinator role, and hired Ms. Rose Timpe to implement communication strategies, develop accountability reports for donors, and support alumni class gatherings and reunions.
    • Established a team of Annual Appeal Ambassadors involving alumni from the 1950s through the 1990s to thank, involve, and invite fellow alumni to support the school.

    Conduct a capital campaign feasibility study based on school ministry priorities, and determine next steps based on the study results.

    • Presented to the Board of Directors a preliminary timetable for conducting a capital campaign feasibility study during 2015.
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  • Fall 2015 Update

    • Six straight years of financial surplus operations
    • 100 percent increase in alumni and friends’ financial investments since 2009
    • Established Fund for Future Needs
    • Inviting dialogue with Archdiocese about long-term vision
  • December 2014 Update

    Develop and utilize a multi-year viability model based on financial and non-financial metrics, annual operations, and strategic priorities.

    • Established a Modeling Sub-Committee to assist the school administration and faculty in developing financial and non-financial Key Performance Indicators and measurable targets for long-range planning.
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