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Summer improvements at Scecina

Scecina continues to enhance the student learning experience through the purposeful use of technology.

Summer greetings!

As our students enjoy their vacation, we are re-energizing Scecina with many improvements that will enhance their experience this year and beyond.

We’re focusing on many levels to prepare for next school year in support of our mission. For the 2015-16 school year, our students will find:

  • New staff members: We are recruiting and hiring energized and qualified faculty, a Director of Guidance, a Director of Campus Ministry, and a Dean of Students who are all committed to the principles of Catholic education and who have the experience it takes to be effective leaders.
  • State-of-the-art technology: Scecina is continuing its tradition of excellence by enhancing the student learning experience through the purposeful use of technology via:

    a. An Ethical and Responsible Use of Technology Policy will include guidance and expectations for students, staff, and volunteers

    b. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment in which students are encouraged to bring smartphones, laptops, or tablets to school in accordance with previously communicated standards

    c. Doubling the speed of Internet access through two new servers

    d. A new communication and alert system that we plan to make available during the first semester of the year

    e. Student access to Microsoft Office 2013 Professional, Office 2013 Apps, a Scecina e-mail account, and online cloud storage of school work and projects. Scecina will provide education and training for students on the use of these resources during the first quarter of the school year.

  • Updated facilities: We’re renovating the cafeteria into a very welcoming and attractive space for gathering and dining, changing all of the fixtures in our school restrooms, and installing a new roof on the Blockhouse, which is a safety priority.

Meanwhile, we are collaborating with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis on longer-range plans for improvements to our campus:

  • The archdiocese last month approved our proposed Facility Master Plan. Many students and members of our staff, Board of Directors, and overall community were engaged in this process over several months.
  • A proposal to the archdiocesan administration is being developed for Scecina to conduct a feasibility study for a future capital campaign. A feasibility study raises stakeholders’ awareness of our Facility Master Plan and how it supports our school mission. It also would invite the community to respond to questions relating to our potential readiness for a future capital campaign. (For clarity, we are laying the foundation for a successful campaign; we have not formally started a campaign.)

I hope you find this update informative and in line with your vision for Scecina Memorial High School. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss any of these topics.

Enjoy your summer, and thank you for keeping Scecina in your prayers!

Joe Therber