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  • 5 unique paths to college for Scecina students

    My name is Josh Orndorff, and I am the college and career counselor at Scecina Memorial High School. 

    As a parent, you dream of your child succeeding in life and becoming the very best person he or she can become. Striving for and graduating from college can help make your dream a reality.

    I am very happy to inform you that, thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends of Scecina, there is scholarship money that has been dedicated for Scecina students who meet eligibility requirements at these four institutions of higher education:... Read More

  • Teacher Spotlight: Lee Ann Van Benten

    Each month the Teacher Spotlight highlights one of Scecina's staff members who inspire our students every day.

    By Beth Murphy

    Lee Ann Van Benten, who directs the Learning Differences department, calls her classroom the Academic Success Center. "We call it Learning Differences because these students learn in a different way. They are as smart as everyone else. We have students who are on honor roll, top 10, who take AP (Advanced Placement) classes, and everyone is always surprised by ... Read More