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Technology Resources at Scecina Memorial High School

Our Technology Resources have been growing.  This page will continue to grow, as well. This page will  provide a launch point for technology information, how-to's and access to some of our primary technology resources.

Ethical and Responsible Use of Technology Policy for 2016-2017

Scecina has adopted a new technology policy for the 2016-2017 school year - we are calling it the Ethical and Responsible Use of Technology Policy, which is referenced in the student handbook. Students were introduced to this policy during the first week of school.  The ethical and responsible use of technology is an important theme emphasized across the school into all aspects of student, faculty, staff, coaching and volunteer functions here at Scecina.  Each of the aforementioned groups has been required to read and sign the policy, acknowledging having read the policy and agreeing to follow it. Student and family acceptance and signature pages are due to the Dean of Students' Office by September 12th, 2016.

Scecina's Alert and Notification System - Alert Solutions

Scecina has adopted an alerting and notification system available to families and staff to be notified of emergency or other types of events occuring in association with the school.  The information covered in the document below is also available in the Ethical and Responsible use of Technology Policy.  In order to access settings and preferences for AlertSolutions, access to the PowerSchool Parent Portal is required.  If you have not created your PowerSchool Parent Portal account, contact the Technology Office to receive your individual Access ID and Password to register.

Scecina's Library & Electronic Media Resources

Microsoft Office365 - Email, OneDrive, Yammer, Skype, Office 2013/2016

PowerSchool Links and Help Files