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Applying as a Transfer Student

There is no application deadline for transfer student admission, but we suggest that if you are interested in Fall 2018, you apply during the spring semester or early part of summer.

Admission criteria for transfer students include space availability, time of desired transfer, student academic and social standing at the current school, and an assessment of stated reason for transfer.

Step 1: Submit An Application

Families of students interested in transferring to Scecina can create an online portal account on SchoolAdmin to submit an online application. To do so please click here: Application Form. There is no application fee.

You can also pick up the application for admission at Open House, at a placement test, or from the Office of Enrollment Management. 

Step 2: Submit a Teacher Reccomendation

Each prospective student will need to turn in a teacher recommendation form.

The recommendation form must be submitted electronically through your SchoolAdmin checklist. 

The form should be completed by a current teacher, guidance counselor, and/or principal

Step 3: Academic Records

By completing an application, the Office of Enrollment Management will automatically request the following school records from the current high school:

  • Most recent transcript or report card 
  • Standardized test scores 
  • Attendance records
  • Discipline records
  • Birth certificate 
  • Immunization records 
  • IEP or 504 plan (if applicable) 
  • WIDA or LAS Links scores (if applicable)

If you do not want the Office of Enrollment Management to request records, please call 317-356-6377 ext. 1317 to speak with KJ Fallon.

Step 4: Student Interview

The Student Interview is a part of the Admissions Process for all students who desire to transfer to Scecina Memorial High School. Interviews are conducted by Principal Joe Brettnacher.

Students cannot be interviewed without an application or student records.

To schedule an interview please contact the Enrollment Management Office at 317.352.3287 or

Step 5: Admissions Decisions

Once the a student has completed all the steps above, an admissions decision will be made by the Admissions Committee. Once a family has received an acceptance letter they will move to the Enrollment Phase!