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Welcome Indiana University, Marian University, St. Mary of The Woods!

This fall, Scecina will welcome dozens of colleges and universities to visit our students here on campus. College Admission Representatives may host a table at lunch, visit or present to a small group of students during the school day, or both.

Today we are happy to welcome Indiana University, Marian University, and St. Mary of the Woods!

Scecina is committed to providing unique opportunities for our students to explore options in post-secondary education. Below are colleges and universities scheduled to visit Scecina this fall--with many more to come.

  • 9/24 Franklin College
  • 9/24 Bellarmine University
  • 10/3 Hanover College
  • 10/8 University of Dayton
  • 10/10 Valparaiso University
  • 10/14 Indiana State University
  • 10/22 Ball State University

Seniors can sign up to attend an informational session with Mrs. Joyce or through sign-up sheets in Ms. Zeh’s classroom.