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Net Promoter Score Survey

Conducting an annual Net Promoter Score survey of our school parents is an initiative of Scecina’s Strategic Growth Plan. Each year Scecina parents are invited to complete the survey. The participants provided insight into current areas of strength and improvement. 

Net Promoter Score is a customer loyalty metric developed by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix. It was introduced by Reichheld in his 2003 Harvard Business Review article "One Number You Need to Grow." 

It asks one simple question: How likely are you to recommend a company or institution to a friend or colleague? Respondents rate their likelihood to promote on a scale of 1 to 10. They explain why they selected a rating of 9 or 10 or what areas need to be addressed in order for their rating to be a 10. 

If you took the survey and did not leave contact information on your survey, but want to speak about your feedback, please contact Miriam Medina at 

Net Promoter Score Survey Results 2016-17

Average Net Promoter Score: 7.85 / 10 
Number of Respondents:  89, or 24% of parents or guardians 

Recommended Areas of Focus or Improvement 

  • Faculty communication with parents (more communication and responsiveness), timely entering of grades in gradebooks, and overall effectiveness in teaching in a few areas 
  • More proactive and robust guidance counseling, especially regarding college 
  • Classroom rule enforcement 
  • More Advanced Placement and dual credit offerings 
  • Cost of education for families 

 Positive Parent and Guardian Comments

  • "Total package at Scecina - top-notch Administration, faculty and staff. Runs like a 'tight ship' because of their strengths."
  • "Excellent environment, strong academics, strong leadership."
  • "The faculty, the personal attention, the fact that the teachers know my children and want to help them succeed."
  • "I think Scecina offers the best education and spiritual guidance these students need. Faculty is awesome!” 
  • "I love the atmosphere of Scecina for my son. It is a perfect fit for his personality and educational needs.” 
  • “Because SMHS is small, the staff and faculty know the students--every student has opportunity to participate in many things (sports, music, etc.)” 
  • “Very happy with how my children who graduated from Scecina have done in college.” 

Net Promoter Score Survey Results 2015-16

Average Net Promoter Score: 8.58/10

Number of Respondents: 89, or 26% of students’ families

Recommended Areas of Focus or Improvement

  • Hire and retain more experienced teachers
  • Improve communications between parents and teachers and staff
  • Provide cultural diversity training for students, teachers, and staf

 Positive Parent and Guardian Comments 

  • I like the way we're able keep up with the grading system and communicate through e-mail. It is a great school and my children really enjoy going there...Already had one graduate from there 3 more to go!”
  • "Scecina is a wonderful experience for the students and their families in all areas -starting with academics (courses offered and taught by great teachers who care about their students and give their all to help their students succeed), followed by a well-rounded extra-curricular program that has something to offer to all students, and capped by a superb faculty and administrative staff who are always there to help and make sure that Scecina is the Best there is - and what amazes me is that the ingredients listed are the right ones to reach academic perfection."
  • "Education, Diversity, small school, Great teachers and staff. The fact that since the first day my family visited Scecina we were family. Love and dedication all the teachers and staff have for all the students and their families is wonderful.”
  • "I feel that Scecina is a great school academically and socially for our son. It is a big extended family who is supportive of everyone involved."
  • "Scecina High School has some excellent educators, provides a more personal experience for those who wish, provides solid academics, offers diverse clubs, focuses on appropriate manners and faith-based values, and includes a diverse socio-economic student clientele."
  • "Faculty really care about student achievement and it shows."
  • "Teachers and administration that care about the students and their education."
  • "Best Education available. A smaller school allows more personal attention and more student involvement. Spiritual Education!"
  • "We value a Catholic education and environment. I think it makes a huge difference in what is expected of the child both in behavior and grades."
  • "I am a graduate of Scecina and received a great education; very proud of the faith-filled community. Proud to suggest Scecina to future families."
  • "Attention to individual students. Faith formation. Faculty, staff, and administration truly care about the whole student and his/her well-being now and in the future."
  • "Our daughter is very happy at Scecina; she loves the small close knit community feel of the students, the feeling like she's a part of something and not lost in the crowd or just another number; she has a sense of belonging."
  • "Because it's a great option for parents and kids who want more rigor and discipline, opposed to public school, and kids get moral and values education."
  • "I love Scecina and everything they offer students. I have seen my daughter grow as a student and as an athlete.
  • “My older children loved Scecina and I believe my younger one will too. They received a wonderful education and friendships to last a lifetime."
  • "There is a sense of community felt at Scecina and I think the teachers and staff truly care about the students."
  • "The school has a close knit family feeling for my son and this is so vital. Also, the focus of all we do is our personal relationship with our Saviour Jesus Christ."
  • "Our daughter is succeeding academically, athletically, and socially, and she is loving high school."
  • "We love the small setting, with so many opportunities with teams and clubs to participate in. Staff seems very caring, genuine, and in-tune with students. Good selection of advanced courses and service oriented."
  • "As parents we want our kids to receive a faith based quality education and that's what we get from Scecina. We also like the diversity of the student body and the small class sizes.” 


Net Promoter Score Results 2014-15

Net Promoter Score: 8.39
Number of Respondents: 148, or 35% of students’ families

Recommended Areas of Focus or Improvement

  • Offer more guidance
  • Improve teacher quality
  • Invest more in student development
  • Improve communication between staff and parents
  • Diversify staff and faculty to reflect the diversity of the student body
  • Create more experiences for students to serve those in need
  • Offer classes that appeal to student interests

Positive Parent and Guardian Comments
 “We are very happy with the environment at the school, the Christian environment, and with the school's leadership.”

 “My daughter is very happy at school. She feels welcomed, cared for and safe. It is a community feel and with it being a smaller school the class sizes are smaller so there is more individualized attention.”
 “I believe my son received a good education, he was able to participate in the sports he enjoys and was able to grow spiritually. So I felt he had a complete learning experience.”
 “Scecina's size enables students to participate in many activities. We believe that these opportunities really helped build our son's college and scholarship applications and helped him achieve his goal of receiving a first board ROTC scholarship.”
 “I feel that Scecina is a close knit school and they treat everyone like family. They care about their students and staff. They are a good school, I would choose Scecina over any Public school”

"Scecina is a family-friendly, caring, and academic high school that provides a supportive environment in which most students can flourish. Staff and administration are accessible, and most educators are solid, well-educated, and well-intentioned in their chosen profession. Many parents and guardians are engaged. Leadership is receptive to new ideas and possibilities. The school is not a large, cattle-prodding institution that rarely connects with individuals.”
 “You feel like family. Everyone is helpful and make you feel important. With faith in all for our children to follow.”
 “My students have had a good experience thus far. Enjoy classes, sports, knowing most of the kids at school, closeness of friends.”
 “My sons have received a superb education."
 “Scecina has a lot to offer, including excellent academics, sports and clubs for a wide variety of interests, and most importantly the faith-based teaching that is so important to us as parents. I would recommend Scecina based on these points.”
 “Because it has made my daughter more structured. Scecina is like another family member!”
 “Phenomenal learning environment and exceptional staff.”
 “Really like the closeness of a community. Everyone is very nice. It seems like everyone wants your child to succeed.”
 “We are a lifelong Eastside/Crusader family and we love the sense of community at Scecina - we feel our son had a very smooth transition from grade school to high school as a result.”
 “I personally have not got to spend much time with other parents and teachers at Scecina besides a few of the teachers my child has, but the kindness and how much it shows everyone cares for the students and the community won us over. Our daughter has been improving every week since she transferred to Scecina and her attitude towards school and college has changed for the better. The reason why I gave a 9 instead of a 10 is because I do think there is some room for improvement on the technical side.”
 “The students are not just numbers. The teachers and administration actually care.”      

“Scecina provides students with the opportunity to participate and have an active role in many activities such as sports, theatre, band, rock band, choir, etc. They also provide academic opportunities and small classes with teachers who are willing to assist in many different ways. Scecina's staff participates and gives personal attention to all students at the school, like no other high school in the city.”

“Teachers and administration that cares about the student. Small class sizes. Catholic and family environment.”