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 President Therber can be contacted by email at or by  telephone at 317.352.3282

  • Did you see these Scecina stories?

    Greetings, Scecina Community,

    The teachers, students and coaches are back in the classrooms and athletic arenas, and we have given a warm welcome to the Class of 2022.

    We also accomplished a tremendous amount of important work on many fronts this summer.

    This year, we are implementing 1:1 student technology. Each student and teacher will have the benefit of a new school-issued computer to support the learning process. That’s new and exciting.

    “Our faculty are beginning a wonderful journey with our students – leveraging technology in new ways to push, grow, and elevate our students,” Vice President of Technology David Dellacca said.

    Our faculty, administration, and support staff have worked tirelessly this summer and even earlier to prepare for the implementation of the 1:1 initiative. We now have a team of students dubbed the “Crusader Tech Squad.”

    We also are looking ahead. Believe it or not, we have started the enrollment process for the Class of 2023. Yes, we are building next year’s freshman class! We are reaching out to East Deanery Catholic grade schools and other partner schools. We want them to know about the wonderful opportunities at Scecina for students to grow in spirit, mind and body. And Scecina is providing those opportunities, as these stories show:

    We hope you are sharing Scecina success stories like these with friends and family and your parishes. You help us with our enrollment efforts when you tell others about Scecina. Thank you for representing Scecina!

    Peace in Christ,

    Joe Therber

  • We can count on the Scecina Community to help

    Dear Friends, 

    Safety is our top priority at Scecina. Once again, the Scecina Community has come through for the school! This time, many friends responded to make Scecina a safer place for students, staff, and visitors. 

    We’re grateful for each and every donation from alumni and friends who helped us raise our goal of $190,000 for safety and security updates. 

    The support came from these sources: 

    • A $35,000 grant from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis 
    • A $35,000 grant from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security 
    • $120,000 in donations from alumni, parents and friends of the school, like you!

     We’re grateful for the $20,000 matching gift from an anonymous couple. Their investment was motivational and multiplied the impact of other donors’ gifts. 

    Now we can get to work on making several improvements. Here’s what we are planning:  

    • New metal entrance doors that meet today’s safety standards 
    • New security cameras mounted outside of the school building 
    • New security features for the blockhouse and St. Francis Hall 
    • Eight new defibrillators in the school building, blockhouse, and St. Francis Hall 
    • Technology upgrades to provide 24/7 visibility of all school building entrances 
    • New parking lot lighting 
    • Software to document 360-degree views of each interior room and office.

    The Scecina Community is known for supporting and attaining educational goals that impact our students’ lives through the annual Scecina Fund. These goals include transforming our academic technology environment; awarding thousands of dollars in scholarships and tuition assistance; renovating the library, cafeteria, and classrooms; and making other improvements. Your generous spirit has really made a difference! 

    If you would like to see the recent improvements to the school, I invite you to tour the school. Please contact Rose Branson, donor and alumni relations coordinator, at if you’d like to visit. 

    Thank you for serving and supporting our young people in their life journeys. 

    Joe Therber

  • A time to say thanks and to look ahead to next school year

    Dear Friends, 

    This week’s column is dedicated to thanking you and to looking forward. First, thank you for your support and involvement, which enrich our school and our students in so many ways. 

    For Scecina’s 62nd Commencement on May 25, we were honored to welcome the Most Rev. Charles C. Thompson, Archbishop of Indianapolis, as our special guest. The archbishop has many demands on his time, so Scecina was blessed that he was able to greet each member of the Class of 2018 and present their diplomas to them.  

    Looking forward to the 2018-19 school year, we’re planning several new and noteworthy initiatives: 

    • The administration and faculty will identify additional strategies to weave Catholic beliefs, history, and values into every subject area across the school. 
    • Scecina will be a 1:1 student technology school. We will issue a new school-owned computer to every student for his or her education throughout high school. Our focus is helping all students succeed academically, grow in their digital proficiency, demonstrate effective communication skills, and live by high ethical standards. We put in place the necessary technology infrastructure and professional development of teachers before introducing 1:1. Families will be asked to contribute a modest annual technology fee of $90, and students will complete a technology training session in late July or early August. Parents, please look for more information during the summer. 
    • We are raising funds and making plans to complete nearly $200,000 in physical safety improvements to the campus. 
    • We will announce an opportunity that will allow students who attain high attendance and academic performance results to choose to be exempt from a semester final examination(s). 
    • Computer Science curriculum and course offerings will expand with a focus on contemporary programming languages, current industry standards, and a foundational understanding of how the internet functions. 
    • We plan to purchase a new bus to transport Scecina teams and student clubs, and to assist East Deanery parishes and schools with their transportation when needed. 
    • We will continue to affirm our teachers by compensating them financially according to an increased salary model. 
    • Our new theater class will continue with lessons on the performance aspects and the technical aspects of theater. This course is a wonderful opportunity to learn about performing arts and enhance one’s communication skills. 

    During the coming week, we will send this information to parents via e-mail and U. S. mail; it will include tuition rates for the coming year. 

    Thank you very much for making annual and long-term improvements happen at Scecina. God has placed many wonderful gifts within the Scecina Community. I am grateful to be a part of it. Please feel free to contact me at or at 317-352-3280 if I can assist you in any way. 


    Joe Therber

  • Sounds of Scecina from Sam Rhinesmith's New Horizons Band

    Dear Scecina Community, 

    Ah, the month of May! May Crowning, Commencement, Graduation Open House invitations, Indy 500, warmer weather, and more. 

    A week ago on Sunday afternoon, the New Horizons Band of Indianapolis provided a wonderful concert performance in the Scecina gym. The concert was titled “A Salute to Scecina.” It was awesome! This band numbering more than 50 musicians includes Scecina alumni Jerry Jenn '59 and Mary Ann Olvey '60. The band played numerous well-known hits from musicals such as "Tales of the Sea and Sail," "My Fair Lady," and "The Sound of Music." 

    The band’s announcer and one of the tuba players is Don Hein, who many of us recognize from his days broadcasting games of the ABA Indiana Pacers on television. As Mary Ann (Fillenwarth) Rhinesmith '60 said after the concert, “Today, everyone feels young again!” 

    The founder of the New Horizons Band of Indianapolis is Sam Rhinesmith. Sam joined the Scecina faculty in 1955 and was Scecina’s first music director. He is a legacy figure in Scecina history. In 1957, Sam marched The Crusaders in the first Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade. 

    When he was Scecina music director more than a half-century ago, Sam Rhinesmith composed the Scecina Fight Song, a fight song unlike any other. This fight song is ours; it’s not a well-known college fight song that we borrowed. He also composed the music and lyrics for Scecina Alma Mater and School Song. The band played all three. 

    Those performances are on Scecina's YouTube channel. Just click on the links below.

    Scecina Alma Mater performed by New Horizons

    Scecina School Song
    Scecina Fight Song

    To see Sam direct the band in its rendition of the Scecina Fight Song was a thrill. As he turned to the audience to invite everyone to stand and clap to the beat of the song, it was a pleasure and a privilege to experience Scecina alumni and non-alumni alike join in unison to “fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for Scecina Memorial High!” 

    To all our alumni and friends who fight the good fight of ensuring the presence and vitality of Scecina, I say thank you! 

    Joe Therber

  • Scecina continues tradition of honoring academic achievement

    Dear Crusader Community, 

    Every year, Scecina is blessed to educate students who are high academic achievers and servant-leaders in the community. In the early 2000s, the school began a tradition known as the President’s Academic Excellence Awards program. 

    Through this event, we publicly recognize students who have earned the highest grade point averages in every class. We invite the senior honorees to select an influential mentor in their lives; and, at the event, we read each senior’s tribute to his or her mentor and each mentor honoree’s tribute to the senior. 

    I always look forward to this opportunity to thank and recognize our student leaders, their parents and family members, and the seniors’ mentors. Our students’ abilities, dreams, and relationships are inspiring. The event gives witness to our students’ vast potential and the power of relationships in the context of a Christian community. 

    This year, the President’s Academic Excellence Awards program will take place on Monday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the gymnasium. The evening is always a high point of the school year. 

    Please consider joining us for an uplifting and community-building evening—even if you do not know the honorees. You will enjoy it and can be on your way home by 8:00 p.m. 

    We are the Scecina Community. We send young women and men into the world to make a difference, and they do! Thank you for being on this journey with us.

    Joe Therber

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