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 President Therber can be contacted by email at or by  telephone at 317.352.3282

  • Scecina continues tradition of honoring academic achievement

    Dear Crusader Community, 

    Every year, Scecina is blessed to educate students who are high academic achievers and servant-leaders in the community. In the early 2000s, the school began a tradition known as the President’s Academic Excellence Awards program. 

    Through this event, we publicly recognize students who have earned the highest grade point averages in every class. We invite the senior honorees to select an influential mentor in their lives; and, at the event, we read each senior’s tribute to his or her mentor and each mentor honoree’s tribute to the senior. 

    I always look forward to this opportunity to thank and recognize our student leaders, their parents and family members, and the seniors’ mentors. Our students’ abilities, dreams, and relationships are inspiring. The event gives witness to our students’ vast potential and the power of relationships in the context of a Christian community. 

    This year, the President’s Academic Excellence Awards program will take place on Monday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the gymnasium. The evening is always a high point of the school year. 

    Please consider joining us for an uplifting and community-building evening—even if you do not know the honorees. You will enjoy it and can be on your way home by 8:00 p.m. 

    We are the Scecina Community. We send young women and men into the world to make a difference, and they do! Thank you for being on this journey with us.

    Joe Therber

  • Ironies and truths on Good Friday

    Dear Crusader Community, 

    Today is Good Friday, a day of ironies and truths. What, we may ask as Christians, are some of these ironies and truths? For starters, we believe that humility precedes glory, that joy emerges from suffering, and that wisdom may be clothed as foolishness or weakness. 

    Early this afternoon, our students, staff, and guests experienced Good Friday liturgy. The Holy Spirit touched us. We left the service and school in prayerful silence. 

    Our Lord’s ultimate and voluntary sacrifice on the Cross is the epitome of prayer, compassion, and humility. More than a mere historical occurrence, Jesus’ pathway to death was a walk of ultimate trust in God. Walking in his footsteps is how we experience in gratitude His oneness with God. 

    Life can be difficult or even excruciating, as it was for Jesus on Good Friday. When it is, let us seek, as Jesus did, to hope beyond the pain or the confusion of now. May the hope inspired by God break the chains in our lives and lead to our Lord in ways that make everything new. 

    In your daily walk with Jesus, I hope that you experience the richness of death to self and the humility, wisdom, and joy that God wishes for each of us. ‘ 

    Happy Easter! 

    Joe Therber

  • The promise of God's love through the Sacrament of Reconciliation

    Dear Crusader Community,

    This week, our students and staff had the good fortune of participating in a Lenten Penance Service on Tuesday. Five pastors from East Deanery parishes were here to receive and welcome us into the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

    Scecina is blessed by supportive East Deanery pastors and parishes. The pastors who were able to be with us this week for the Sacrament of Reconciliation were Father Paul Koetter, Father Bob Gilday, Father Rick Ginther, Father Aaron Jenkins, Father Chris Wadelton, Father Carlton Beever, and Father Kenneth Taylor.

    These recent words of Pope Francis seem especially appropriate for us regarding the promise of God’s love and the experience of it that comes through the Sacrament of Reconciliation:

    “The love of God is always greater than anything we can imagine; it even reaches beyond any sin with which our conscience may charge us. His is an infinite love, one that knows no bounds. We know that the state of sin distances us from God. Yet that does not mean that God distances himself from us. The certainty of this should accompany us throughout our lives. His grace is constantly at work in us, to strengthen our hope that his love will never be lacking, in spite of any sin we may have committed by rejecting his presence in our lives. Our hearts should trust, always and unhesitatingly, in the Father’s love.”

    Our Lenten journeys are swiftly and steadily moving toward deep reflection on Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection. Each and every day, I hope that you experience the Father’s boundless love that has the power to transform ourselves, our relationships, and our world.

    Joe Therber

  • A safe and secure environment

    Dear Scecina Community,

    Our hearts and prayers continue to go out to all those affected by the gun violence tragedy in Florida recently. Please pray that leaders throughout our country — in government, law enforcement, education, community service, and families — always strive to establish and uphold policies and structures that foster harmony, reconciliation, and safety as a result.

    Mahatma Gandhi’s famous saying is so relevant: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Ensuring a safe and secure environment is a “24-7” responsibility for everyone everywhere.

    We have invested financial resources in campus security enhancements in recent years, and we will continue to do so. Two weeks ago, we received grant funding for more security updates. Last week in The Weekly, Dr. Brettnacher wrote about important topics in school safety at Scecina.

    You have likely heard the saying, “Prayer changes people, and people change things.” Please continue to pray for harmony, reconciliation, and safety in our hearts, homes, and world.

    While complex issues are before us as a nation, many signs of hope and good will are in our midst. The coming weeks will include many opportunities to recognize our students for achievements in academics, the arts, and athletics at Scecina.

    Thank you for supporting the ministry of Scecina Memorial High School.

    Joe Therber

  • Scecina: tradition, opportunities, faith

    Why is Scecina an excellent high school for your child? You should expect a high school that offers high-level academics, a full array of athletics and clubs, and opportunities for a fulfilling all-around experience and four years of cherished memories. 

    We have a small-school environment where every child can discover his or her unique gifts, talents, and interests. Our college and life preparatory opportunities help young people reach their dreams. 

    Did you know that Scecina’s rich academic tradition dates back more than 60 years? And we’ve kept up with 21st-century academic trends. Recent additions to our curriculum include a four-year Biomedical Science program, a Health Occupations course that takes place at Community Hospital East, and new computer science and technology offerings. 

    Our top faculty and our smaller classes, paired with challenging academic offerings, such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses, will prepare young people for meaningful careers. Our College and Career counseling office is committed to students staying on course throughout high school for their next phase in life. 

    It’s no surprise that Scecina is rated “A” by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). The IDOE noted Scecina students’ growth in test score achievement from middle school to high school. 

    The IDOE also recognized Scecina as one of just 73 Indiana high schools to have 25 percent or more of its students succeed on AP exams by earning passing marks and qualifying for college credit while in high school. 

    Have you heard of the Indianapolis Urban League (IUL)? The IUL is a community organization devoted to helping minorities and the disadvantaged, with a focus on education. The IUL recently awarded Scecina with its School Excellence Award. The IUL cited several reasons for Scecina’s honor: our diverse student population; our “A” rating from the IDOE; and our Health Occupations class in partnership with Community Hospital East, which combines classroom instruction and real-life experience. 

    At Scecina we take spiritual growth seriously, too. Every student takes four years of Catholic theology with curriculum centered around the life of Christ. We are committed to Christian service activities that benefit our community. 

    Most of our students also play sports, which teach transformational life lessons. Scecina offers all of the Indiana High School Athletic Association sports, including swimming and gymnastics. 

    Choosing a high school these days isn’t easy. At Scecina, we have so much to offer. We have tradition in academics and athletics. We have opportunities for every child to grow. We have a faith-based community that will pray with you and for you along the way. 

    I hope you see why Scecina is a great choice. We look forward to serving you next year. If you have any questions about Scecina, please contact me at (317) 352-3280. If you would like more information about becoming a Scecina Crusader, please click here.


    Joe Therber

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